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Upcoming Clinical Trials From Tristar Clinical Investigations

We have several upcoming trials at Tristar Clinical Investigations, including COVID-19, Long COVID, long and short-term gout, and DM II. We are happy to announce our new trials to help patients tackle various health concerns and improve how we treat and understand these illnesses. Our research team is continually finding new and helpful solutions to various health conditions, providing innovative treatment methods for patients with each of our medical studies. Join us in improving treatments for these conditions with each of our upcoming clinical trials based in Philadelphia, PA.

Along with our current research studies, we hope to expand our trials and learn more about the effects of COVID and gout, providing patients with new and effective ways of treating their symptoms efficiently and affordably.


For those currently suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, we are here to find the best solutions to help you recover from the virus and improve patient outcomes with our upcoming clinical trial.


While COVID-19 is common, many patients also have experienced the difficulties of long COVID with lingering symptoms that persist for weeks. Our team is here to better understand long COVID symptoms lasting more than 60 days after having COVID, decreasing this uncomfortable and long-lasting.

Long and Short-Term Gout

Soon, we will expand on our current gout trials and clinical studies with long and short-term gout research. We help lower your uric acid levels and joint pain as we better understand treatments for long and short-term gout.

DM Obesity

Our team continues to find proactive solutions to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease with our upcoming DM obesity trials. Coming this summer, we will expand our knowledge on obesity and its connection to diabetes mellitus.

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