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Current Trials

Elder woman getting a check up from a female doctor

Current Clinical Trials

Tristar Clinical Investigations is currently focusing on Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular and COPD. We invite patients to help us better understand these trial topics, creating the best solutions to treat and eliminate the negative implications from each of these diagnoses. Our medical office encourages patients to take control of their health and proactively manage and treat their symptoms and health complications with the help of our medical experts and trial research.

Hypertension Trial

Explore our clinical trial investigating the effectiveness of a novel hypertension management approach. Our study aims to improve blood pressure control through innovative interventions. Learn more about our research and how it contributes to better patient outcomes

Obesity Trial

Many patients around the country suffer from obesity, along with the many detrimental health conditions that accompany excess weight from unhealthy eating habits or a sedentary lifestyle. Our current obesity clinical trial focuses on helping patients treat cardiovascular disease and risk factors, as well as create healthy lifestyle plans to implement heart-healthy habits, from diet to exercise. 


Contact Tristar Clinical Investigations to learn more about the qualifications necessary to participate in our ongoing obesity and weight loss clinical trials.

Diabetes Trial

Diabetes can be difficult to treat and manage, and our medical research aims to improve the lives of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. Our medical experts hope to find proactive solutions to better care for patients with ongoing health concerns from their diabetes diagnosis.

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