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Paid Research Studies by Tristar Clinical Investigations

Our medical facility provides paid clinical trials that not only compensate patients for their contributions to our studies but also allow us to advance the medical field, discover new ways to treat common illnesses, and update current medications. We reward our subjects for their assistance in our studies, motivating qualified participants to join us in our pursuit of improved medical practices, treatments, and solutions for a wide-range of illnesses. 


We welcome available candidates to apply for our medical trials today to see if they are eligible to participate in our ongoing research studies.

Receiving Compensation for Paid Clinical Trials

At Tristar Clinical Investigations, we offer paid research studies and clinical trials for our willing participants. Each of our studies varies, and we fairly compensate patients after accurately completing the trial process. Our office happily compensates our candidates, encouraging our community to apply and contribute to our ongoing and upcoming clinical trials at our office in Philadelphia, PA.

With the help of our sponsors, we are able to provide fair compensation for our participants’ time and investment in our medical trials. Before agreeing to our terms and conditions, we make all of our rates transparent, helping you to better understand our process and the appropriate compensation for each of our trials. Our office prides itself on generous payment for your help with our medical research and motivates participants to make our results as accurate as possible.

Contact Tristar Clinical Investigations today to learn more about compensation for our paid clinical trials today!

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